Why create a bespoke e-learning course?


Bespoke e-learning courses will have a positive impact for your business. Our content teams work with you to design bespoke online e-learning training courses that have a measurable ;earning impact. We have a full support team that consists of, designers, project managers and subject experts. Together we are able to create online e-learning training courses in sectors including business, health and social care and retail.

  • We design to meet your unique objectives and requirements
  • Our courses can be part of a blended learning approach or replace an existing face-to -face training
  • We create all of our courses to align with your specific policies and procedures & branding
  • We can develop our courses to work alongside your existing IT infrastructure, this in turn reduces admin and means that the e-learning system operates as extension of your own intranet.

How we can help you


Here at HRUK we realise that the client-developer relationship can only succeed if it treated as a partnership. The relationship will be key account managed with regular management meetings focused on design, delivery & time scales.


  • Create bespoke e-learning course
  • Create learning strategies
  • Creating video and animation
  • Create bespoke assessment strategies
  • Create social learning
  • Extensive technical support
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