We are committed to staff training

We are committed to staff training and believe that it is essential to the running of any establishment. We provide training courses for all types of professions, within the UK.

We provide training for all our own staff as a standard, but we also offer this training facility to our clients. This maintains the working relationship whilst also keeping your staff trained to the highest levels.

We aim to provide bespoke training courses for a variety of individual needs, we have a long history in the staff training field. HRUK Group have worked very closely with our clients, identifying needs and the ways training could be offered in a more effective and efficient way. The experience we have gained from working within these fields have enabled us to provide a more friendly and informal training experience.

We are committed to providing the highest level of training, at the best price possible, for clients that we work with. This often means that trainees can attain new qualifications for little or no cost, depending on the funding that is available locally.

Staff Training

The Training we offer

We offer several different types of staff training UK wide:

  • Government Funded Apprenticeships for 16 – 65 Year Olds – For training your existing staff aged 16 – 65
  • Government Funded Apprenticeships – For training staff aged 16 – 24
  • Mandatory and short courses Overview – For training staff aged 16 – 64
  • The Care Certificate – Comprehensive induction for all staff, service providers are advised that all adult social care practitioners should complete the CIS within 12 weeks of starting their job!

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We understand the importance of staff training required within the health & social care sector and therefore, we are passionate about delivering the necessary training courses in a simple yet cost effective way. This means offering courses to be completed with ease and at a reduced price compared to the industry standard.
We also provide specialist courses needed to run any business or organisation, so whatever industry you are involved in or are wanting to pursue, HRUK can help you gain and maintain the training required.
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