We now offer a range of video courses which are perfect for those who prefer to learn visually. Our videos vary in length and are a key resource for staff training and development. All of our videos include an exam at the end. Our E-Learning is CPD accredited and compliant and recognised by Ofsted and the CQC.

Recent research shows that learners are increasingly using online and digital CPD. 75% of respondents in our recent survey had accessed CPD through digital media such as online videos, webinars, online forums and blogs.

Why use Video CPD Courses?

  • Learners can access your online CPD at any time and anywhere
  • Compatible with smartphones and tablets
  • Enables you offer the courses to those based overseas as well as In the UK
  • Helps you measure success as viewers fill in a short quiz at the end after viewing

Please click on the below tabs to explore the different courses.


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